Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short post.....

Hi, I'm going to do a quick post... I have little pieces of news here and there.... OK

1.As you know I am having a contest, you can still enter please see post below.

2.Lanie and Jess had a Huge fight a few weeks ago and  finally made up which means I don't have to take sides *Yes!*

3.Savannah made me a new room. It looks really good and I should beable to make a post for that topic soon....

4.And the most exciting news, I got a new pet. It's a lamb! Isn't cute?! Her name is Tildy. It was a late Easter gift. In this picture you can really see my skin which is waaaay to dark. I am the first doll. Oh well! It's not about your appearance, right?

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agdanceprincess1993 said...

i love your shirt it is so cute