Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love photoshoots and my dolls love it so it goes hand-in-hand LOL. Georgia exaggerated A LOT on the last post. And Rose; Georgia is SO sorry, she didn't mean anything offensive. Does anybody have their picture for Georgia's contest done?? I'd love to see them.  Alright...... Here's a picture I love, with Amber Grace in the flowers. It was super easy to take, I just had to make sure her hair did not get tangled. That would have been bad!

Here's another one of Amber Grace that's one of my favorites, I adore textured backgrounds.

I have a lot of black and white photos of my dolls. Amber Grace and Jess and Samantha look especially good in B&W pictures.  That's the photo-shoot of Jess and Amber I know it's not a lot but there some of favorites.

Hope you enjoyed!


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♥Rose♥ said...

Those are beautiful photos. I love the ones of Amber Grace; she is such a pretty doll. :D

And it's totally okay, don't feel bad. ;)

I'm gonna try and take the picture today, if not I'll definitely have it by the deadline. :)