The Schools

The dolls here all go to very different schools. This page is to explain the schools and what they do there. There very different from normal schools, so don't be suprised at what lays ahead!

Raymon School Of Performing Arts

Raymon School Of Performing Arts is a unique school where students do normal schoolwork, but also choose activities to do. Raymon lets students go home for lunch, and come back the next hour. Also teachers have to past the Raymon test, where we see if they are kind, caring, understanding,

and can teach in an easygoing, understandable way. Students arrive at 9:30 and promptly go to math class. After math class, there is science, then the student's choice of activity, lunch break, cursive, activity, language, activity, then history. We also do seasonal camps, even for girls who don't come to the school. The list of activities is:






Animal care


Home Ec.

Much more to come

Who goes there:

Lanie, Georgia, and

Amber Grace.

When it starts: 9:30

and ends at 4:30

Edward's Harmony Academy For Edwardian Girls

At E.H.A.F.E.G we take pride in our large campus in where we teach Edwardian girls how to become proper young ladies in this disgraceful, challenging 21 century. Girls will learn how to control a large household, servants, and much more. We hold on to our old fashion ways, and on our campus we have old fashion ice cream parlors, shops, and a manners school for enrichment. Girls also learn how to play instruments, and how to cook lovely meals for guests when servants are sick. Who goes there:

Sam and Nellie

Starting time:

7:30 end. at six.

Purple Lake School

Purple Lake School teaches nim'mpu how to make medicine, hunt, fish, pick good berries and where to find the tastiest roots, how to build tepees and how to communicate with white faces. Here we also go canoeing, and visit other friendly tribes. Who goes there:


When it starts:

Sun on top of eagle hill

and ends when sun starts to go