Friday, April 30, 2010

More contests!!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah has decided to enter yet another contest. This one is for i Heart American Girl's contest. Since it's 9:00 at night Savannah didn't have time to take a photo and she did not want to wait. So she and her Mom searched the computer's pictures and Savannah found this one. Hope it's OK!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cali's nature contest!

I think Cali is still taking in entries. I hope so!! Anyway Savannah chose this photo if she is still taking in entries. That reminds me of my own contest...yes; I will bug you till it's over! I hope all of you have been working on them?? OK, Savannah is going kinda crazy cause blogger changed all this posting stuff and now it's showing all the pictures ever been loaded on here except image chef...I think. Oh, today is Brooke's (Savannah's little sister) birthday! She is now four years old. Savannah can't wait till she turns six; she loved that age.:) OK, I'm going to work on my blog now.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dragon cave

Savannah made an account on dragon cave. Please visit her eggs so they will grow: 

I know that's pretty random but maybe it will be the way, I'd appreciate it if you could comment on the last post. I really need help!


Monday, April 26, 2010


I have really been thinking......

And I think that there's something between me and Samantha, I mean we were the first two dolls and we were always so close.

But things have changed.

Samantha is almost twelve years old and I'm only nine. She's going through all these phases and I don't know what's between us.  There is something though; I can tell. Whenever I try to talk to her she says a couple of words like "Umm...can I talk to you later?'' then runs off. I want to know what's wrong but times are changing; I feel like she's too old for me. I don't know what to do? How can I talk to when she just runs off???


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day

Earth day! That was not random at all. Today is Earth day and embarrassingly we did nothing.....*nervous giggle*  but I do have pictures. I looked and took the best photos of just us outdoors and outdoors nature or at least the best photos I could find! It doesn't really matter though??Anyway, I've come to realization (such a surprise here lol) that there's not a lot of comments!! What's a doll gotta do?? He he, really I don't care too much but I'd really  like to see what you think of my blog and what you like to improve it. If you don't feel like commenting, please just move your plastic finger to rate with the smiley faces (:0).

Here's a pretty picture, don't ya think? The colors look so well together. Did you know without plants we couldn't breath? I think that doesn't apply to dolls though:)

                                                            This flower really seems to say ''I'm unique''.

I love all the blossoms, they blooms so pretty!

                                     Dewdrops look lovely on this promising pink flower.

Lanie didn't forget Earth day! She pointed out everything from green grass to ginormous trees. 

                                                  Amber Grace looks cool in this edited photo.

Jess in the ''balcony''.

Happy Earth Day!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love photoshoots and my dolls love it so it goes hand-in-hand LOL. Georgia exaggerated A LOT on the last post. And Rose; Georgia is SO sorry, she didn't mean anything offensive. Does anybody have their picture for Georgia's contest done?? I'd love to see them.  Alright...... Here's a picture I love, with Amber Grace in the flowers. It was super easy to take, I just had to make sure her hair did not get tangled. That would have been bad!

Here's another one of Amber Grace that's one of my favorites, I adore textured backgrounds.

I have a lot of black and white photos of my dolls. Amber Grace and Jess and Samantha look especially good in B&W pictures.  That's the photo-shoot of Jess and Amber I know it's not a lot but there some of favorites.

Hope you enjoyed!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

A lot of thinking

Another great blog has now passed.

Well really it will be finished forever after April turns to May. Wanna know what blog? Lola's. Lola Bean is now finished with blogging. We'll miss you sooooo much!!! She says blogging is not fun anymore. It's like a competition; who has the most followers? Who has the most comments? The most dolls? Is this how it is? It's really what's on everyone's mind. Some blogs have a million of all of these and others don't have any. Like in the picture above, I've been doing alot of thinking and I'm seriously wondering, why? I mean I'm doing a contest and I have three maybes (which thank you so much!) and Rose had like 16 17 people. I'm not jealous and I don't want to get in a competition,   I want how it how used to be. Friends.Comments.Equal. But now nothing can be that way. I feel this blog a let down; to you to me.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Short post.....

Hi, I'm going to do a quick post... I have little pieces of news here and there.... OK

1.As you know I am having a contest, you can still enter please see post below.

2.Lanie and Jess had a Huge fight a few weeks ago and  finally made up which means I don't have to take sides *Yes!*

3.Savannah made me a new room. It looks really good and I should beable to make a post for that topic soon....

4.And the most exciting news, I got a new pet. It's a lamb! Isn't cute?! Her name is Tildy. It was a late Easter gift. In this picture you can really see my skin which is waaaay to dark. I am the first doll. Oh well! It's not about your appearance, right?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rainy days

Time really does fly! But I have exciting news for all of you........ ImageChef Word Mosaic -

That's right, if couldn't piece it out....I'm going to have a contest! It's called rainy days photography contest. To enter you have to take your dolls INSIDE and try to make it look at springy as possible like putting flowers in a vase and dressing your doll in a spring dress for example. The more springy you can make your picture look, the more chance you have of winning. The rules are:

*Only dolls in the picture please
* Entries should be received by  May  20, 10:00 P.M. if received later than this date, they won't be counted
*You can only enter once
*  Your picture has to be inside, it's the whole point.
*You can set your doll by a window- close the blinds or, set your doll one or two feet form the window, so the window doesn't show but you'll still get good lighting. Just make sure outside does not show.
*Be kind and respectful to others, this is only for fun, even if you don't win you'll get reorganized.

There will be a grand prize winner and a runner-up. I might even have some prizes.  Good luck!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

I couldn't wait post\Savannah shows you how to take cool pics of your doll

Guess what?? Today Savannah found a package on her doorstep and it was from melody Valorie!!!!!!

Ha ha, just kidding. Did I get you? For all you Melody Valorie  fans and Melody Valorie, if your even reading this I don't at all mean to get competitive. I just wanted to do a little prank. And I know Savannah  probably does not want me to post this but she kinda likes the outfits too. Enough about that. OK, on the poll Modern outfits won, so Mrs.Linda the seamstress here got to work on making an extremely cute modern spring\summer outfit. OK, I'm not telling you anymore!:) Good thing Savannah does not sew them, she can sew but nothing like any of you guys. I know I did not post on Easter, but Savannah will show you how to take pretty doll pictures:                                   Headshots

Step 1. Get you doll dressed in a detailed outfit and brush (or if she has curly hair curl her hair) her hair down.

Step 2. Take your doll outside and set her outside, leaning against a brick part of the house or wall. Do this in a sunny time of the day so your doll has a shadow, and for best results.

Step 3. Turn your doll's head slightly to the right so she does not look directly at you.

Step 4. Snap some photos and upload the pictures on your computer to make them black and white.

                                                    Full-body pictures

Step 1. Repeat step 2 in the Headshot  tutorial.

Step 2.  Have your doll face completely right and turn her body right, too. You should also put her left leg out so she looks like she's walking.

Step 3. Snap some photos and upload them on your computer. Change the color almost to black and white but just enough so the colors show a bit, the picture should over all look almost blue.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Name your price for couture!

Hi all, it's Georgia. After this post I'm not going to do picture for 3 posts. Alright, I know I have posted these pictures before but I have a question for you. What would you pay for these? The Victorian Rose dress, (left) and the Peachy Keen dress (right). If you put something reasonable like 22,21,20 or 19 somewhere around that we will consider that being the price, so it can fit your budget! It's like name your price....whatever. Please comment what you would pay for these, if you were to buy them. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


Me and Nellie, and Jess went and tricked some neighbors. I recorded a few.

Here's us at a door, these neighbors had LOTS of stuff. 

Me :Hello Ma'am were here to inform you that you will need to pay a 4.00 fine for wearing blue.

Lady:I didn't know that..that..

Us: Aprils fool's!

Lady:You really got me! You never know what the Governor is doing now. 

She was easy to fool! But seriously here in Tulipville the Governor  is doing some pretty weird laws.

Isn't Nellie's outfit adorable?! Jess' is kinda crazy but that just makes more possibilities!

Nellie: Sir your chickens are loose.

Man:I don't have any chickens! What are you talking about?

Jess: Then what are those over there?

(We had printed life-size chicken pictures and glued them to cardboard. We stuck them in the Man's yard.

Man: Ahh!!

Me: April Fools day!!