Thursday, April 1, 2010


Me and Nellie, and Jess went and tricked some neighbors. I recorded a few.

Here's us at a door, these neighbors had LOTS of stuff. 

Me :Hello Ma'am were here to inform you that you will need to pay a 4.00 fine for wearing blue.

Lady:I didn't know that..that..

Us: Aprils fool's!

Lady:You really got me! You never know what the Governor is doing now. 

She was easy to fool! But seriously here in Tulipville the Governor  is doing some pretty weird laws.

Isn't Nellie's outfit adorable?! Jess' is kinda crazy but that just makes more possibilities!

Nellie: Sir your chickens are loose.

Man:I don't have any chickens! What are you talking about?

Jess: Then what are those over there?

(We had printed life-size chicken pictures and glued them to cardboard. We stuck them in the Man's yard.

Man: Ahh!!

Me: April Fools day!!


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