Saturday, April 17, 2010

A lot of thinking

Another great blog has now passed.

Well really it will be finished forever after April turns to May. Wanna know what blog? Lola's. Lola Bean is now finished with blogging. We'll miss you sooooo much!!! She says blogging is not fun anymore. It's like a competition; who has the most followers? Who has the most comments? The most dolls? Is this how it is? It's really what's on everyone's mind. Some blogs have a million of all of these and others don't have any. Like in the picture above, I've been doing alot of thinking and I'm seriously wondering, why? I mean I'm doing a contest and I have three maybes (which thank you so much!) and Rose had like 16 17 people. I'm not jealous and I don't want to get in a competition,   I want how it how used to be. Friends.Comments.Equal. But now nothing can be that way. I feel this blog a let down; to you to me.


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I♥American Girl said...

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