Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day

Earth day! That was not random at all. Today is Earth day and embarrassingly we did nothing.....*nervous giggle*  but I do have pictures. I looked and took the best photos of just us outdoors and outdoors nature or at least the best photos I could find! It doesn't really matter though??Anyway, I've come to realization (such a surprise here lol) that there's not a lot of comments!! What's a doll gotta do?? He he, really I don't care too much but I'd really  like to see what you think of my blog and what you like to improve it. If you don't feel like commenting, please just move your plastic finger to rate with the smiley faces (:0).

Here's a pretty picture, don't ya think? The colors look so well together. Did you know without plants we couldn't breath? I think that doesn't apply to dolls though:)

                                                            This flower really seems to say ''I'm unique''.

I love all the blossoms, they blooms so pretty!

                                     Dewdrops look lovely on this promising pink flower.

Lanie didn't forget Earth day! She pointed out everything from green grass to ginormous trees. 

                                                  Amber Grace looks cool in this edited photo.

Jess in the ''balcony''.

Happy Earth Day!



Avery V. said...

Beautiful photos! The flowers, and your dolls are very pretty. Happy Earth Day!

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

We did not do anything for Earth Day either, we are going to try tomorrow. There are so many contests on blogs to enter.

I think one way to get more comments is to post more, also if you comment on other peoples blogs they usually come look at your blogs more.

Looks like you got some great photo's put up though. Earth day is a great thing to work on, but it should be everyday that we do these things .. right?

Ta Ta,

lindanana said...

LOVE your photos Savannah!! You are really getting good at taking pictures! Much better than I could do. I'm so glad you're getting some good use out of the camera!

Love, nana

Mia S. said...

Hehe....I didn't do anything for Earth day YET. I did have a photo shoot for my dolls, but I don't know if that counts. :)
Beautiful pictures! I thought I added your blog to my blog list, but I never did!?! I will be sure to!

Sabine Bouchard said...

Beautiful pictures! Your dolls are gorgeous!