Friday, February 27, 2009

Grrrr!! some more



I do this thing called super Friday, for homeschoolers. You take three classes. I take art, American girl, and theater. I'm the one of the shortest, smallest and youngest in theatre. I wish I was tall so nobody would say '' Your a good armrest'' or ''I'm way taller than you'' OR '' she's the smallest one!'' GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!11!1!!!1

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are you her best friend?

I'm doing a quiz. Each week I'll ask a question. At the end of all the questions, all give your answer if answerd mostly a, b, or c. Here's the first question:

Your treating your friend to an icecream cone, but you get there before her she does. you:

A. go ahead and get her a cone- you know just what she'll want!
C. Figure i'ts chocolate something, but decide to wait till she gets there.
B. You know idea what flaver she'd like.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hi. I hope today will be good.

Monday, February 23, 2009


My new story is canceled! now, I' ts going to be about my American girls on a plane and then it crashes, and lands in the dessert. will they survive? what will they do? But, still please, comment on the doll debate.. I still need suggestions!


Doll debate!

Hi! By the end of the year I can afford 2 dolls. I'm thinking of buying a Just like you doll. (That does not look like me) She has black long hair and brown eyes and I would piece her ears. The other doll would be Sonali. Do you think any other doll would be better? If so comment what you think, I need LOTS of suggestions and reasons why you think that doll. A doll debate!

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Girls play starwars

Geargia, Samantha,and Nellie are writing
You can tell from the title, somebody I know plays starwars..............ME!!!!!! I play Lego starwars on the wii and I'm addicted! I have masterd every level......bye I'm going to play right now! ( Geargia goes and plays starwars) ''Geargia plays starwars and we do homework!''said Nellie angerly. '' I hate homwork '' said Samantha. ''YES!!'' they could hear Geargia shouting from the other room. ''Someday we will get her back'' said Samantha. ''Yes, we will'' said Nellie, ''We will.''

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New story!

Hi! I'm going to write a new story, It's about a girl who's in 5 grade. She has a sister who's 16 and wants to be a fashion model. The story takes place at a cruise place, It's a BIG cruise that has ropes coming out of it leading to MUCH smaller cruise boats. Each small cruise boat has a family in it, the small cruise boats is the size of a hotel room. The girl who's in 5 grade name is Kengra, her sister's name is Julie.

I will be writing soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 7!!!

The next day Ivy came over. ''Ivy, I'm sorry I really am'' I said. ''It's OK'' Ivy said.'' What's the clues?'' I asked. ''Well, That girl who was spying on us was.......'' Ivy didn't finish. ''Who?'' I asked.
''Madaline's sister,'' said Ivy ''It was Madaline's sister.'' ''Evelyne?'' I asked. ''Yes'' answered Ivy.
''How?'' I asked. ''Well when I was walking home from school I saw Evelyne carrying money to her house. "Oh" I said. "Then let's go get the money!" and we did! Naomi did not not have to go back to Mexico and Madaline got better.
The End!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The post for no reason

This is a post for no reason. My A.G's will post some pics soon.Bye.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentintine's day!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's day! Comment all the things you heart. :-)

The mystery : Fiction part 6

''Do you want to have a Valentines party?'' Mom asked. ''No, not without Madaline'' I answered. ''You can't let this hold you back, you will be sorry forever'' Mom said. ''You mean Madaline is not going to be her normal self ever for the rest of her life?'' I asked. ''No not forever but for a while'' Mom answered.I decided to call Ivy and ask her over. ''Hi Ivy!'' I said as she walked in the door. ''Since It's rainy I guess we should go to your room'' said Ivy. So we went to my room. ''Snacks on the table'' Mom said. So we went to the table and ate our snacks, then we went to my room. '' I found more clues!!'' said Ivy excitedly. 'I't doesn't matter anymore'' I said, ''I just want Madaline.'' ''Oh so dropping the mystery of YOUR frined's money, all of there money and the catnapper mystey.'' ''And guess what your dropping me!'' said Ivy in tears. She hurried out the door. I thought there goes another friend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 5

''Naomi you and Ivy stay here, I will look for Madaline '' I said. I looked and found Madaline. ''Com'on Madaline come help us'' I said. ''Why?'' asked Madaline as if I was crazy. '' Are you crazy?'' I said in shock. Madaline knew why, why was she asking? Then I saw a cut on her head. She was almost unconscious! I found two sticks like crutches. ''Here Madaline use these to walk'' I handed her the big stick like crutches. We walked to a near hospital. ''Money?'' asked a young woman. ''Please, I'll pay later when my Mom gets here, I really need my friend to get a doctors help'' I begged.'' Well I guess she said. My name is Ms. Jenny. Go sit in the patient's room please. "Ok", I said. And I went in there. While I was in there I thought about my other friends. What were they doing and how was Madaline?

Old town springs (Is awesome)

Old town springs is awesome!!!!!!!!!! It's old houses transformed to stores. Like American girls? Go to the doll hospital, it's a doll store with REALLY old dolls. Only American girl can sell American girls, But there was homemade American girl clothes they were cute! Also, you should try pepper jelly with sweet cream on a corn chip, yum!! Also one store sells webkinz cheaper, some little kinz for only 5 dollars! Also this history house. In Samantha's times It was a boarding house not Kit's times. Plus I think I was standing on a fallen house because I was digging and found rusty stuff I think was part of a door. And I got a webkinz : humming bird

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 4

Is this REALY real? I wandered. The silence went till Ivy broke the silence. Ivy was very quit, hardly ever talked at school, and was not tuff. ''Guys I see somebody, act normal'' she whispered.'' I'll get them, where is she?'' whispered Naomi, Naomi was back to her normal self. I was scared ALOT. ''To the south'' whispered Ivy. Naomi got the girl, who luckily did not have weapons. '' This was the girl at Kacey's!'' I said. '' And who took my family's money'' added Naomi. I got a closer look at the girl. ''This is Mila!!!'' I said In shock. Mila was a rich my school, my school had stuff that was missing. I looked at where we where Madaline was missing!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 3

After I got home from school I called my best friend Madaline. (She's from paris in france!!!)We met on our first day of kindergarten, I found crying at recess because she could barley speak English. I teached her and she told me a few things to. ever since Me + her = BFF. ''Hello? Madaline, Meet me at my in my room.'' Then I called my 2 other BFF's one from china, one from Mexico. They all moved to America. When they all came we went to the woods behind my back yard in are favorite place. ''So what problem do we need to solve?'' asked Naomi the Spanish girl. ''Well... I been seeing robbery and I think it's the same person'' I answered. ''Perphaps we should start with clues'' suggested Ivy the chinese girl. I looked embarrassed I did'nt have helpfull clues! ''All I saw was the person had brown curls'' I said. Naomi burst in to tears. Naomi was VERY tuff and NEVER cried what was wrong? ''Thaat's the saame person who took every last bit of my family's money and I might have to go back to Mexico because we only have mexacin money''. sobbed Naomi saying the letter sounds more than it's to, but that's a course cause she was crying. WHAT!!! gasped me and Ivy and & Madeline. ''You can't'' I said. then there was a long silence......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 2

I woke up sleepy-eyed in the morning. ''You woke up late! your going to be late for school and It's the first day! While I drive you eat this granola bar''' Mom said. First we dropped off Dylan my brother who's 4 then Mark my brother who's 16, then me. ''Bye Bye!'' Mom said. I'm not 3, I'm in fourth grade now I thought. I went inside the school some how I found my way to my class. The teacher gave me a kind look and showed me my seat. Some group of girls gave me a dirty look, I could tell that this year they would be my enemy. After school I saw somebody took a belonging from somebody else fast as lightning. The person who took the cat at Kacey's looked exactly like the person now.