Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 2

I woke up sleepy-eyed in the morning. ''You woke up late! your going to be late for school and It's the first day! While I drive you eat this granola bar''' Mom said. First we dropped off Dylan my brother who's 4 then Mark my brother who's 16, then me. ''Bye Bye!'' Mom said. I'm not 3, I'm in fourth grade now I thought. I went inside the school some how I found my way to my class. The teacher gave me a kind look and showed me my seat. Some group of girls gave me a dirty look, I could tell that this year they would be my enemy. After school I saw somebody took a belonging from somebody else fast as lightning. The person who took the cat at Kacey's looked exactly like the person now.


Rachel said...

I like your story! can you read my story on my blog about random things? Thanks!

Rachel Youngling said...

well, my under cover club is... do you want to join it?