Sunday, February 8, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 4

Is this REALY real? I wandered. The silence went till Ivy broke the silence. Ivy was very quit, hardly ever talked at school, and was not tuff. ''Guys I see somebody, act normal'' she whispered.'' I'll get them, where is she?'' whispered Naomi, Naomi was back to her normal self. I was scared ALOT. ''To the south'' whispered Ivy. Naomi got the girl, who luckily did not have weapons. '' This was the girl at Kacey's!'' I said. '' And who took my family's money'' added Naomi. I got a closer look at the girl. ''This is Mila!!!'' I said In shock. Mila was a rich my school, my school had stuff that was missing. I looked at where we where Madaline was missing!!!

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