Monday, February 9, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 5

''Naomi you and Ivy stay here, I will look for Madaline '' I said. I looked and found Madaline. ''Com'on Madaline come help us'' I said. ''Why?'' asked Madaline as if I was crazy. '' Are you crazy?'' I said in shock. Madaline knew why, why was she asking? Then I saw a cut on her head. She was almost unconscious! I found two sticks like crutches. ''Here Madaline use these to walk'' I handed her the big stick like crutches. We walked to a near hospital. ''Money?'' asked a young woman. ''Please, I'll pay later when my Mom gets here, I really need my friend to get a doctors help'' I begged.'' Well I guess she said. My name is Ms. Jenny. Go sit in the patient's room please. "Ok", I said. And I went in there. While I was in there I thought about my other friends. What were they doing and how was Madaline?


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