Saturday, February 14, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 6

''Do you want to have a Valentines party?'' Mom asked. ''No, not without Madaline'' I answered. ''You can't let this hold you back, you will be sorry forever'' Mom said. ''You mean Madaline is not going to be her normal self ever for the rest of her life?'' I asked. ''No not forever but for a while'' Mom answered.I decided to call Ivy and ask her over. ''Hi Ivy!'' I said as she walked in the door. ''Since It's rainy I guess we should go to your room'' said Ivy. So we went to my room. ''Snacks on the table'' Mom said. So we went to the table and ate our snacks, then we went to my room. '' I found more clues!!'' said Ivy excitedly. 'I't doesn't matter anymore'' I said, ''I just want Madaline.'' ''Oh so dropping the mystery of YOUR frined's money, all of there money and the catnapper mystey.'' ''And guess what your dropping me!'' said Ivy in tears. She hurried out the door. I thought there goes another friend.

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