Sunday, May 15, 2011


While hi yaaaaaaa!!!!

Sorry for the weird sentence. And not posting. You know how life gets. Well really, it's called not in the mood. I still am not. So, I'll jst put some random pics up: 

I know. Weird.

The end

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi guys!

      It's me Georgia! I'm in the library right now, typing on a computer. And let me tell you, I am ready to go home! I really like my school, they make everything fun, but I can't wait to go somewhere with Nellie tonight! On my blog, one time I was mad because I had to babysit, but I ended up not babysitting. Well, tonight with Nellie, I get to!


     Were at the house right now. I took my laptop, so I can update y'all. Right now, Nellie's on her shift, so I'm updating; even though I am supposed to be doing my homework. Savannah insisted we bring our homework. My violin teacher, an old and serious  but nice man, gave me some homework, so I had to bring my violin. I hate math, and my math teacher who is cranky, gave me an extra load of math homework because I got a c- on my last test. Savannah got really upset, and gave me an earful. I believe that human told my teacher to give me extra work! And I have to finish it tonight too. I was planning on procrastanating till I had abouslutly had to do it. I also have spelling homework,and I need to practice the audtioning page for the character 'Rainbow Fairy' in a play I'm audtioning for. I don't mind that though!
     I'm really exausted! It was fun, but tiring. Nellie is dividing the money now, I betetr go see my wage!

                     I am so mad. When I went in to get my pay, I only got 10 dollars! I demanded of Nellie why I only got 10 dollars, and she answered that I was on the computer so long, then I took a really long time on my math, so she got 25. I was really upset. I took then 10 dollars and ran out of the room in a in a storm. I sta on my bed, so mad I couldn't even speak. I just sat there,my face getting redder every moment. Then slowly trurned around and screamed in my pillow.Some of the tension was gone now, so now I could think. And an idea popped in my head! I ran to propose it to my human, Savannah. She was on her bunk bed, so I had to climb the tall, sary ladder. "Savannah! Savannah! Can I babysit by myself?! I want to get more then 10 dollars." Savannah sighed. "Georgia, no." I had not come all the way up to be told no!" "Why?!" I demanded more than asked. Savannah had a little more anger in her voice. "I said no!" "But I don't get enough money! And I can handle it! You treat me like a baby!" Savannah was pretty mad by now. Really mad. "Ten dollars is enough! Georgia, I'm your human! I decide these things. Your too young! If you didn't like your visit with Nellie, I'm sure Samantha would go with you!" She was yelling now. "SAMANTHA!!!! CAN YOU GO WITH GEORGIA TO BABYSIT?" "NO, I HAVE TO PRACTICE FRENCH!" Savannah looked like she was about burst. "Georgia! You can make the whole house upside down!" That made me laugh thinking about me rolling the house upside down. Believe it or not, Savannah could apparently get more mad. "AMBER GRACE!!!! CAN YOU GO WITH GEORGIA??!!"  "NO, GOT TO PRACTICE EEEEELETRIC GUITAR!" The way I put the E's on eletric guitar, is how she pronounced it. Her voice got bigger and bigger. We heard a few really off tune strums and Amber Grace started cursing and cussing. Savannah got really mad at Amber Grace and ran down the stairs to give Amber Grace an earful. I sank down and cried. 

So that's how this story ends. Me stuck with ten dollars. "Oh Coconut!" Coconut just jumped me. I guess ten dollars is just for now. Savannah wants Kanani on a random note. She's in debt though, because she had to have her Dad pay for some of her laptop. Christmas maybe?