Sunday, March 28, 2010

A peek into my life......

This is Savannah's sisters, Madelyn, (the baby) and Brooke (the toddler). Happy crew.......sometimes!LOL. On the top is one of my friends, Lanie. Ever since she had a fight and I'm still Lanie's friend Jess doesn't want to be mine anymore.:( Preety much all the dolls here are my friends but I found this picture and well............

What in the world is about about?! It is about me!! So lean more about me on my profile and finally on the on the the world follow. IF you do you can lean and see more of my chaotic life with many tagging,contests,giveaways,polls and posts by me none other than me.:)Please follow, and if you already do I appreciate it very much!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

SSome random pictures for your enjoyment

These pictures are from  a year we went Sea world, We stayed at a really nice resort and Savannah made me a nice little ''room''. It was a corner by a lamp, with a window up high that let in some sunlight. Savannah brought me an extra pair of clothes, a pair of pajamas and a sleeping bag with a pillow. She looks a lot different now. Life seems really busy now and Savannah wakes up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep for a long time. She's really getting tired of it and chances are when she wakes up.....she tired. Probably not very many posts will be coming for some time, blogging is not my top priority.....I have school, play practice, chores, It's getting pretty  nice outside so I have to fit in some playing, and there is some other fun websites on the web, so I'll try but there's not much to blog about.


Monday, March 22, 2010

So much news to tell!

Wow, I have so much news to tell! I am going to burst if I don't type quick. First, the contest....I am officially canceling it so no, I am not going to do it. And  you might be wondering, why isn't Lanie posting? Well I have so much fun posting I decided she's not going to make a post right now. On your right you see *holding breath* Our pictures for LILY ROSE DOLL COUTURE!!!!!! Ya, there up for sale! Sorry for all the exclamation points, I am just really excited. The yellow one is called the Victorian Rose and the pinkish- peachy colored one is called the Peechy Keen dress. Check them out at: you visited it yet? Pretty cheap compared to other doll couture, don't you think?


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working on my blog!

Hi people (and dolls!)! I am currently making changes on my  blog so be prepared for this blog to look different Today Savannah is going to the rodeo and she's taking..................................................................................................................................................................................LANIE!!!!!!!! Not me whaaa!! Oh well I'll tell Lanie she's allowed to make a post as long as it has

2.Lot's of words!

 3. Uhhh......Something good....  AH HA! A contest~people (and dolls!!!) I'm not sure what the prize will be, nothing big but here's what you do: Make a post about our other contest MISS, and watch our video about it. Also dress your doll up and take a really good picture of her and post the link to your blog about it. It's the ''Picture perfect'' contest. Lanie will talk more about it.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My entry

This is my entry for Rose's are Read contest.
"Spring to me is finding adventures with green grass and new plants at my side".

Saturday, March 13, 2010


You have all probably heard of MISS, the thing I'm doing. NOBODY has entered! NOBODY! That's OK, but not fine.'s not OK. Mia, I understand you situation, you are already doing AGMA, and you think joining two things would be too much. Still, from what I last saw there has been 22 views, people have subscribed but no videos. Maybe when I go look there will be one get the point. I know this post is not long, but if you are viewing this, please enter MISS. There is a prize. So that's the point of this post: please MISS. 


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi! My name is Georgia, and this blog, as you know is now mine. Savannah gave it to me. I'm really glad! I'd like to start fresh and new but Savannah just gave me this old blog. She thought I could do better with posting and stuff, she didn't want her blog deleted. I can understand cause this blog has over 260 posts. wow! Right now my left hand is broken. I'm typing on my laptop, on my bed. I know this post is really short, I really don't like short posts, believe me! I'm going to make this blog though...uhhh....more mine. You know, it has ''Georgia'' written all over the blog. Someday, I dream, can't hope, just dream that this blog will be as popular as Lola's blog, or Calli's or maybe even Rose's or Avery's. Those blogs are great! The only way though is you! Yes, you! If you could comment every 5 posts and follow this blog, it will be very popular. And when I know this blog is good, people really like it, I can start visiting and commenting on all your blogs like Quinlynn&co! You rock! It's time for dinner now but check back soon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Georgia blog is now this blog

I have been thinking pretty hard and I have decided that this blog is now Georgia's blog. I will post occasionally, But Georgia will post the most. Don't worry! This blog will get SO much better! There will be changes yes, but I probably will make another blog. Don't count on it though:). Hey Jenna, I decided to do something like MYTHOD, I hope that's OK with you. Dream, my profile, will change to. Comment if you want me to tell you what it will change to.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Amber Grace!

Sorry for not posting, I was visiting extended family. But I think this will make up for it! Introducing my newest American girl doll AMBER GRACE!!! Amber Grace is a 12 year old girl from Africa, her Mother is dead and is not sure where her Dad is but is very sassy and and happy in her new home! Here are a few pictures of her and my other dolls. I don't have much pictures now, but I have my own camera now so be prepared for loads of pictures and videos! Speaking of videos, check out my newest one for MYTHOD. MYTHOD is by Jenna. It's like that competition thing on youtube. PLEASE ENTER IT!!!!!!!!As for the doll photos......