Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Amber Grace!

Sorry for not posting, I was visiting extended family. But I think this will make up for it! Introducing my newest American girl doll AMBER GRACE!!! Amber Grace is a 12 year old girl from Africa, her Mother is dead and is not sure where her Dad is but is very sassy and and happy in her new home! Here are a few pictures of her and my other dolls. I don't have much pictures now, but I have my own camera now so be prepared for loads of pictures and videos! Speaking of videos, check out my newest one for MYTHOD. MYTHOD is by Jenna. It's like that competition thing on youtube. PLEASE ENTER IT!!!!!!!!As for the doll photos......

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jennakat said...

AWWWWW! Amber is adorable! BUT! MYHOD HAS NOT STARTED YET! Your video was great and can be used when MYHOD starts BUT IT HAS NOT STARTED YET!
Thanks! Jenna