Saturday, March 13, 2010


You have all probably heard of MISS, the thing I'm doing. NOBODY has entered! NOBODY! That's OK, but not fine.'s not OK. Mia, I understand you situation, you are already doing AGMA, and you think joining two things would be too much. Still, from what I last saw there has been 22 views, people have subscribed but no videos. Maybe when I go look there will be one get the point. I know this post is not long, but if you are viewing this, please enter MISS. There is a prize. So that's the point of this post: please MISS. 



Rachel said...

whats Miss?

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

What is MISS??? We are not sure either .. if you write about it on your blog we will see if it is something we know how to do.

Also we have a giveaway for hightops on our blog too. Come visit us please.

Ta Ta,

jennakat said...

I would enter but I can't. One You can't see Muvee Videos and I don't have a youtube. Sorry. Jenna