Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi! My name is Georgia, and this blog, as you know is now mine. Savannah gave it to me. I'm really glad! I'd like to start fresh and new but Savannah just gave me this old blog. She thought I could do better with posting and stuff, she didn't want her blog deleted. I can understand cause this blog has over 260 posts. wow! Right now my left hand is broken. I'm typing on my laptop, on my bed. I know this post is really short, I really don't like short posts, believe me! I'm going to make this blog though...uhhh....more mine. You know, it has ''Georgia'' written all over the blog. Someday, I dream, can't hope, just dream that this blog will be as popular as Lola's blog, or Calli's or maybe even Rose's or Avery's. Those blogs are great! The only way though is you! Yes, you! If you could comment every 5 posts and follow this blog, it will be very popular. And when I know this blog is good, people really like it, I can start visiting and commenting on all your blogs like Quinlynn&co! You rock! It's time for dinner now but check back soon!



~Quinlyn~ said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Georgia! Aww, thanks for mentioning me! I hope your hand gets better soon.


Mia S. said...

Hey Georgia,
Thanks for commenting on my blog, you are stunningly pretty! I would enter the modeling video, but I already entered into something called ADMA and I think two assignments a week would wear me out! I will follow your blog. :)