Thursday, March 25, 2010

SSome random pictures for your enjoyment

These pictures are from  a year we went Sea world, We stayed at a really nice resort and Savannah made me a nice little ''room''. It was a corner by a lamp, with a window up high that let in some sunlight. Savannah brought me an extra pair of clothes, a pair of pajamas and a sleeping bag with a pillow. She looks a lot different now. Life seems really busy now and Savannah wakes up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep for a long time. She's really getting tired of it and chances are when she wakes up.....she tired. Probably not very many posts will be coming for some time, blogging is not my top priority.....I have school, play practice, chores, It's getting pretty  nice outside so I have to fit in some playing, and there is some other fun websites on the web, so I'll try but there's not much to blog about.



Icewind said...

oh my starclan!!! you saw dolphins in person??? i LOVE dolphins!!!!!!!!! and, yes, i'll post pics of kits sometime soon. :)

I♥American Girl said...

That dolphin was sooooo cute!!! I was also wondering- what's your YouTube channel? I want to check out your modeling competition!