Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 7!!!

The next day Ivy came over. ''Ivy, I'm sorry I really am'' I said. ''It's OK'' Ivy said.'' What's the clues?'' I asked. ''Well, That girl who was spying on us was.......'' Ivy didn't finish. ''Who?'' I asked.
''Madaline's sister,'' said Ivy ''It was Madaline's sister.'' ''Evelyne?'' I asked. ''Yes'' answered Ivy.
''How?'' I asked. ''Well when I was walking home from school I saw Evelyne carrying money to her house. "Oh" I said. "Then let's go get the money!" and we did! Naomi did not not have to go back to Mexico and Madaline got better.
The End!

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