Saturday, January 31, 2009

The mystery : Fiction part 1

''Here you go'' Mom handed me my allowance. It's finally Saturday : allowance day. Right when I get my money I don't save up for a 100 dollar doll house or even save up at all, I go straight to Kasey's fancy candy store. In my head when I go Kacey's I have made the habit of singing a song I made up. Candy, candy I love candy! caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannndy! Right in the middle of my song when leaving the candy store, I saw it...... Somebody holding their cat then fast as lighting somebody else took the cat!! ''NOO!!!!!'' yelled the real cat owner. I told her not to worry and that my cousin is a detective. And I Sara Clair Simon sometimes wrote part of a newspaper. I could not sleep that night.

P.S. my AG's play this story. Georgia plays as Sara

Samantha is the person who took the cat

Nellie is the real cat owner


Rachel Youngling said...

that is so intence

jennakat said...

I love your story!
Poor kitty!
BYE! Jenna

jennakat said...

Who is Hailey?

Rachel said...

You have Licorice? Me too!