Sunday, January 4, 2009

Somebody asked me to write a post asking if anybody got a rude comment beafore. My mom thinks I got one on my ''When Barak won'' post. They said I might grow to like Mr. Obama and then I don't have to draw him looking like a monster. But I did not draw him looking a monster. Also sombody on Youtube who writes mean comments to other people on Youtube, wrote they ''Hate, hate, hate my videos. But how could judge other peaples videos if they had never made one? Anyway have you ever got a rude comment? tell me in this comment box.


jennakat said...

Gosh Savanna!
that is really mean!
no i have (thankfully) never got one.
I LOVE your vidios!!!
please don't stop!
and Barak looked fine to me. (i pesonally agree with that post 100 persent)
BYE! Jenna

Rachel said...

I got one. Thanks for writing the post i asked you to write!