Monday, January 19, 2009

what I thought about hotel for dogs

What I thought about hotel for dogs was it was great!! It was so emotional, some peaple even said they cried! Also the hotel is really cool Like this one thing it carrys small dogs in i their bags of the ground! I hope that the Hotel for dogs is real, cause I want to go inside it!!


Rachel said...

I want to see that movie SOOO bad!

Holly said...

Oh,you are so lucky Savannah! I can go see it right now,but i want to see Bride Wars first. Also i want to wait to see it with my best friend,Shawna!I have want ed to see it ever since i saw the commercial for it which was last January! Thanks so much for going to seeing the movie and helping a dog!

missbubblegum_z said...

I saw it! I hope you don't mind me posting on your blog! any way, I thought it was really good and creative! I cried a couple times! lol!