Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ask Georgia and Samantha [PLEASE!!!]

''Hi my name is Georgia.'' ''And my name is Samantha, where here to tell you we can give insiders of American girl. Back to you Georgia.'' ''What Samantha means is, that will give information such as trying to find if any other American girls are going retire soon. Samantha your turn.'' ''Here's all you need to to do, ask in this comment box your questions. We will look it up and find your answer if we can. So please ask.''

Geargia & Samantha


Rachel Youngling said...

Hi, its me Rachel,
you were wondering about what to ask at the help blog?
well, lets say you have a problem with somthing.

jennakat said...

Hi Geogia!
my name is Nicki.
I was wandering if you could help me?
I want to know if Licorice is retired or just on Vaction?
Licorice is my pet cat And I love her, So if she is gone I will be sad.