Saturday, April 10, 2010

I couldn't wait post\Savannah shows you how to take cool pics of your doll

Guess what?? Today Savannah found a package on her doorstep and it was from melody Valorie!!!!!!

Ha ha, just kidding. Did I get you? For all you Melody Valorie  fans and Melody Valorie, if your even reading this I don't at all mean to get competitive. I just wanted to do a little prank. And I know Savannah  probably does not want me to post this but she kinda likes the outfits too. Enough about that. OK, on the poll Modern outfits won, so Mrs.Linda the seamstress here got to work on making an extremely cute modern spring\summer outfit. OK, I'm not telling you anymore!:) Good thing Savannah does not sew them, she can sew but nothing like any of you guys. I know I did not post on Easter, but Savannah will show you how to take pretty doll pictures:                                   Headshots

Step 1. Get you doll dressed in a detailed outfit and brush (or if she has curly hair curl her hair) her hair down.

Step 2. Take your doll outside and set her outside, leaning against a brick part of the house or wall. Do this in a sunny time of the day so your doll has a shadow, and for best results.

Step 3. Turn your doll's head slightly to the right so she does not look directly at you.

Step 4. Snap some photos and upload the pictures on your computer to make them black and white.

                                                    Full-body pictures

Step 1. Repeat step 2 in the Headshot  tutorial.

Step 2.  Have your doll face completely right and turn her body right, too. You should also put her left leg out so she looks like she's walking.

Step 3. Snap some photos and upload them on your computer. Change the color almost to black and white but just enough so the colors show a bit, the picture should over all look almost blue.