Friday, April 30, 2010

More contests!!!!!!!!!!!

Savannah has decided to enter yet another contest. This one is for i Heart American Girl's contest. Since it's 9:00 at night Savannah didn't have time to take a photo and she did not want to wait. So she and her Mom searched the computer's pictures and Savannah found this one. Hope it's OK!



The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

We have lots of them going on right now .. I love that beautiful photo .. the flowers are so wonderful.

Ta Ta,

I♥American Girl said...

That's such a cute photo! I love the flowers surrounding her!


♥Rose♥ said...

What a pretty picture! :)

Hey, I want to enter your contest, and I already took the picture, but I wanted to know it if is ok if the window is showing, because I know the rules say that it can't be, but I already took the picture and...yeah. I guess I could always do it again, but I think for this shot it was best for the window to be open...Just tell me what you think. Thanks!


♥Rose♥ said...

Ok, thanks, I guess I will just take another picture then.