Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Traveling

Have you ever been time traveling? Since here we have historical dolls we can time travel from anywhere from1904 to 2011, (and counting!) but I have big news...Lanie has turned historical! Yeah, she's now from Felicity's time! Savannah sewed a dress from a actual pattern for her. It's weird...she's completely different now. Her name is Elaina. She can actually be prissy...she's changed completely. I'm not sure I like the new Lanie. So now we can travel from 1774 all the way to present times. Well actually the new doll Kaya who replaced Jess makes us able to travel from whatever her time is. There's lots of different ways of time traveling. Samantha and Nellie's ideal way is to stare at a old picture of them. Or you can stare at a mirror and imagine your from a different time. You can even walk through a antique wardrobe. Lanie or ahem, Elaina, won't let us travel to her time! She doesn't want us "inferring" with it. What's more is that she a loyalist!!!! No one has the nerve to confront her and say that's theres a presidant. Anyway today I asked Nellie if I could go time traveling with her, (she can never say no) and hence, she said yes! So she got out a picture and stared into it intently and I did what I usaully did-stare into a mirror. I heard this loud pop and looked over to see the picture Nellie had fomally been holding on the ground and blue smoke. She had already gone in between times. I concentrated even harder and I heard thsi bang and then a wheezy pop- but I was still home. I knew I could never time travel the way Sam and Nellie do- it never works for me. I was kinda frantic, I admit, beacause Nellie had probably found the vortex by now. You see, after the pop you get transported to the place called "inbetween times". It's in space, and it's timeless. You would not want to get stuck there. There's a vortex somewhere in the land between times, if you find it you go through it and are at the time you wanted to be at. The vortex usaully is pretty easy to find so I was afraid Nellie was already in 1904. I was getting really frantic so Samantha had to go and get Nellie. I can't time travel anymore! I am sooooooooooooooooooooo upset right now. At my school we have lunch break at two and it's over now so I'll ahve to go. Do you have any suggestions for me ontime traveling?


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