Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pondered it for awhile...and I decided to come back! I have lots of news:

                                Jess is gone. Ya, I'm still not over it. I mean she wasn't my best friend, but she was a great friend of mine. Lanie, is like devasted. "She was an even better friend than Dakota!" She claims.


                                 Savannah's family is planting a garden! No, that's not part of the garden------------
Anyway, I suppose that's not huge news, but it will mean lotsa pictures!

And Rose from Roses Are Read is gone! I really, really liked that blog. And she was always supportive. In fact like all the doll blogs are falling apart. Except this one! Please ignore the profile, I am FORCED to share it with my human Savannah. You know it's feels good not to give up. Back to updates--

We moved. The reason I'm showing Sam is because she get's the whole bottom of Savannah's closet. What do I get? Shoved under with all these different dolls under Savannah's vanity. We moved to the doll town of Rainbow Valley. Samantha now lives with her Uncle Gard, which he's the mayor and has this HUGE mansion which Samantha and Nellie live in. Her Aunt Cornliea also lives there along with Nellie's sisters Bridget and Jenny. Aunt Corneila invited her cousin and her cousin's kids to live in their mansion-and they accepted. So, pretty large faily. They even have maids, a cook, and a butler! I mean really! Anyway the cook makes the greatest foods and the maids do all your chores-let's hope I'm on Sam's good side!

I hope you enjoy this post-there will be more to come!



Jennakitten said...

:O Hi Georgia!!!! I was just thinking about you yesterday, how weird!!!! My blog has moved, but i still have one!
<3 Jenna

Wheeler Family said...

yea i am so glad you are back on here i was wondering if you are back love you friend!! call me when you get time!! love you Callie

Wheeler Family said...

my family pic!! i love it love you girl call me!!! love you Callie