Saturday, April 16, 2011


So your probably wondering what the two fate pictures are on the sidebar. Well, it's a program were in. Honestly, being in it makes me a not a normal girl, I mean doll. It's so hard to explain so I'll just give you the thing's description:

Fate is a program that saves girls from life-threatening situation. We have sponsors from all over the world from all different times. Yes, Fate is a time-traveling joint. We deliever girls safely and securely to a sponsor. The sponsor may be from a different time. The sponsor will often have different girls in addition to the one sent to them. Girls sent to a sponsor do get chances to go back to their own time for visits.

Long story short. All the girls here except me and Amber Grace are sent from Fate. Jess was. It was because there were like thirty-five tiger attacks a day! So her parents sent her to the Fate people who sent her to us. She's lucky to be from her own time. So after hosting her for two years it was finally safe for her to go back. Thankfully we can still write. Anyway, I hope I don't have to get sent to a different time. Are any of you from Fate? If so you can copy one (or both!) of our Fate pictures to put on your blog.


Hi, it's Savannah. I just made up the Fate thing today so if you want to pertend that your doll is from "Fate" then go right ahead.

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