Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I just found a really cool website  I mean blog, But I really like it. There's a short story contest-knowing me, well I couldn't click another website address without doing a short story.  So enjoy! 

Gwen ran inside in her home with her Mum and Father into a bomb shelter. She prayed everything would turn out...well....just no-one she knew would get bombed-including herself. They heard a long distanced bomb very luckily. ''Gwen,'' her Father started. ''This war has been going on to long. It's not safe for you here anymore. Me and your Mum have arranged for you to go on a ship, it will take you to a kind American family that will take care of you till' the war is over.'' Gwen's face looked scared, mad, and nervous twisted into one. ''No! I will not go to any strangers. I'm staying here! It's too sudden.'' she screamed.  Her Mum talked understandingly ''Gwen, it's not sudden. Me and your Father have been thing about this for weeks. The ship leaves tomorrow at 4:30 in the morning so let's go pack your clothes and plimsolls, and daps.'' Gwen got out her bag, very reluctantly and put her things in there. That night she had very little sleep. She fell asleep sometime though because next thing she knew her Father was waking her up. Gwen didn't need him telling her why. She already knew why. She walked with her Father until they came to the vessel. ''Gwen,'' he said again. ''To remember my and Mum's love and just to not get homesick; I want you to have this.'' he handed her a beautiful china doll. Her pale face was detailed so, with bright red lips and a raven black perfect bun. She had a silk lime green chinese dress with little rainbow flowers on it. Very suddenly, Gwen began to cry.  Her Father hugged her and turned his head but not before she could see tears glistening in the light. ''I don't want to go. I don't want to leave. I'll be safe here I'll-'' but she could talk no more. Tears choked her back.''I'll miss you Gwen, but we'll be together soon. I expect you to write to me, Your Mum and I will.'' She gave him a very tight hug then ran in the ship, china doll still in hand. 

This is really me first chapter of Surviving, Which I'm renaming Gwen's story. Not an happy ending, but it isn't the last!



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