Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random. Again.

I am still alive. I feel it unnecessary to post about why I have not been posting. So live a long happy life and you'll never have to know. It really won't affect it. You'll forget about this random (like all my posts are) post anyway. Am I being rude? I don't care right now. I have a lot of little random burdens on my back.

*Two people have entered my contest. SERIOUSLY?!?!

*Savannah said I'm old enough to babysit (with Sam's help) some neighbors. I'm going to on saturday.

*The internet hardly works on here and really tired of it.

*Savannah hasn't really played with us for weeks.

*Jess is sick.

OK, I can't think of anymore.  You know, why does A.G. make swimsuits for dolls when they can't get wet and can melt in the sun?? IT'S NOT HARD TO ENTER MY CONTEST. HERE'S OUR EXAMPLE: it won't load. See what I mean? Oh, Savannah likes her haircut now.

Sorry for all the yelling and stuff. Savannah took some good pictures and will post them soon!


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