Monday, May 3, 2010

More about Samantha....

You know how I made a post about Samantha? Well I took Jenna's advice and made a note for her:

Dear Samantha,

It has come to my realization that we were always quite fond of each-other, being the first two and such; but I believe things have changed. I'd like to know what's going on, it might help if you wrote back to me.

Sincerely, Georgia 

Samantha wrote back and told me:

Dearest Georgia,

I'm sorry for avoiding you. I've just been having a hard time at school being called ''Victorian Victoria, black tights Sam'' and such. I hope I can go to a different school next year! I doubt it, but I can always hope. I was so caught up with school I started thinking I wasn't good enough and you'd make fun of me. But since your letter I've  learned. I'd  appreciate it if you could stop by room, I'd love a talk!



Well that went well. I'll  probably being having a prep talk but still if it can save friendship I guess I'll do it. Blogger says it can't find the photo I CLICKED TO LOAD so you'll just have to wait for photos of Samantha.


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