Friday, April 10, 2009


Hi! please everybody I know on blogger tell me your email. Because when everybody does Then we can all be friends and make posts and learn more about every body else. I made that blog because when somebody asked to be a team meber and the ansewer is no. Now this blog invites every body. If your ansewer is no, your not alone. By the way the blog I'm talking about is the riends blog.


bootzomega said...

name brooke email

Rachel Youngling said...

name, you already know,

lyndithepooh said...

whats your email?

12OldFashionDolls said...

Ah...sorry about that confusing '13'dolls. My user name 12 Old FashionDolls was made BEFORE i got Gwen. (see other posts for Gwen. I haven't been able to change my name!

Sorry if that confused you!