Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mission:Blog renew

I understand why people don't visit my blog.

1.My blog is boring. 

2. I hardly ever post.

3. When I do post, there short and B-O-R-I-N-G

But don't worry! I am 'renewing' my blog. Re for redoing and new for my blog that will seem like new. I have changed my background and I will change a lot more. My blog will be under construction for a little bit but no worries! I'll be posting  a lot more since Summer is here. Savannah is going to camp July  4-9 and will possibly be gone a little bit longer so no posts then but I'll have a notice up. It's almost July hot; hot, hot! School starts back up in August, no fair! Oh well. I know, this picture is grainy but hey, you like pictures! Savannah hasn't taken pictures in a long time. But today that's changing!




Anonymous said...

Oh, Georgia, your blog is not boring. Anything BUT boring.

Claire said...

I agree. Though it is weird that an anonymous person is named Claire like me and posts all the things I would.

The Crazy Doll Auynti!! said...

You are not boring when you post .. but I do love the new green background and cannot wait to see you post more often .. YEAH!!

We have missed hearing from you.

Ta Ta,