Sunday, June 20, 2010

300th post! (I think)

Hi guys! I think this is the 300th post!! It says I've already made 300, but I think they have it wrong. Here's three things you might not know about the beginning of this blog

1.Savannah used to write on here was called Savannah's hints tips, and everyday wisdom

3. She only had me and Samantha

That's means she's gotten four more dolls!! Awesome!

Before                                                                   After
I think her her photography has changed a bit.....

And now; look for my poll!

I know, no posts but it's been an extremely busy week.

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post!



Sitara said...

Happy 300!
I love the second photo. Nice use of diagonal lines in composition!

Mia S. said...

Hey Georgia,
Sorry for not replying to your comment on my blog about a month ago. I have not been on my blog in a long probably know that, though. :)
If you want your blog to get "Popular" then I'd just be deticated. (Haha how is this good coming from me?) Keep posting and eventually your blog will be loved! Keep in mind that Sitara from Mari Luna's blog has been blogging for two years!


The Crazy Doll Auynti!! said...

Hang on and keep blogging .. if you do not hear from others a lot during the summer they are like us .. off doing things but check in every so often .. we were just at friends in Washington with no internet for 5 days .. weird but also felt good .. just for a break. We love reading your posts ..

Ta Ta,

Sophie Amélie said...

Hiya, Georgia!
You are so pretty, and I love your name, too. :)
FĂ©licitations on 300 posts! I don't even have 100 yet, eek! I guess I don't worry about the quantity of posts, but would prefer to have pictures and something important to say before I do post. Anyway, your blog is really nice, and I look forward to stopping by every now and then. :)