Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Changing things up

Hi all! I'm changing things up, I deleted the cbox, and my cyber pet, McCain. Conversations are allowed in the comment box now; so talk all you want! I know you used to not have to type the words in the comment box on this blog, but I kept on getting comments from some person I don't know who kept on talking about taxes and I don't even know! But since I decided that I would do the world verification I haven't got those comments. I plan on making my blogs more interesting if that's even possible for me.:) Two dresses at Lily rose are made, one Victorian style and one a spring dress, which I am waiting to take the pictures on a pretty day. They'll be cheaper than A.G.'s cheapest outfit for A.G.'s. The Victorian one will be a tiny bit more than the other on cause it has a lot of detail. I WILL TAKE MORE PICTURE (PERIOD). I am going to get a digital camera in a couple of months and I will be taking crazy amounts of photos! I will once again put up a poll asking what should I do to improve my blog...maybe. A few seconds later... Sorry. My Mom and Dad's camera was on the desk so I put the string around my neck and went to take a picture of my cat. There was no memory card in it though. Today I cut one of my liv doll wigs and it turned out really good! Today I went to a rollerblading rink and skated really fast...I was at one point in front of a teenager. It was fun but really slick so at first I fell down a couple of times and about 3 times after that. My knee hurts really bad cause I fell so much. I felt bad for someone who continually kept falling the whole time.:( Well, I best be going,



Rachel said...

sounds like you had a pawsome day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!