Monday, September 28, 2009

The very long post (OK, long but not very long)

Here we are getting ready for are visit to a museum! I must ahve not brushed my hair..anyway enjoy! This post is not long with words, just to let you know!
Here I am looking at old Indian rattle. To think it was used so many years ago at so many dances!
We had a great time looking at history! Georgia was really astonished to find out girls also had dolls at that time. Of course they were corn husks. Georgia almost fainted thinking about meeting corn husks! I really liked this visit because I'm crazy of American Indians and part of the museum was all about what they wore, what they made, and what they did. There was even a outfit with a hair lock on it. It was really interesting.

This is us with a model of what what a tepee would really look like. I'm sure Jess would really liked to have came because all that stuff probably found by archaeologists. (I think that's what Jess's parents were) It amazed me when I went into the model tepee to think some girl my age, lived in one of those. Oh...I would love to meet Kaya....OK now you see why I want to get her?


P.S. Did you like it?


Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! I went a creation museum in kentuky once!
I hope you had fun!


Rachelle said...

wow. sound fun, i loved it

AGSpencer♥ said...

Hey Savannah,
Cute pictures! Sounded like you had a good time. Museum's are great!

jennakat said...

I tag you! go to my blog for details

Renee said...

The answers to your questions
No and no but if you want to you can