Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Friends,

Dear friends,

I'm dearly sorry I keep changing my profile. I think I will keep what's on there right now. S.S.N.G stands for Savannah, Samantha, Nellie,and Georgia. The last name of my profile seemed to long. Thank you for understanding. As for my Friends blog, I might change to a different blog. After this post I will make a poll asking ''should I keep the friends blog, or make it different blog?''. I think it's impossible to have the future I had planned for that blog. I had high hopes for that blog. If only....my hopes came to life. There for I believe everybody wishes their hopes to come true. For a update of my ebay looking...I found a Addy doll the price RIGHT now for 99 cents. I' am not counting for it to stay as down as it is this second, for it has many days left. I have found many Jesse's with suitable prices. I have also found three not- to- good-condition dolls for around 60 dollars. I want them, but I want Jess. I'd only have about 10 dollars left to spend witch I highly doubt there will be a Jess doll for 10 dollars. What should I do? I plead to you not to bid on the things I'm telling you about, for I want them badly. Remember there will always be another time. I am not telling my dolls that I'm getting a new sister instead of the horse. I only have a few minutes to spare on this post, so it will indeed end shortly. I probably should not have told you so much about my ebay items I'm watching, but I trust you not to bid. Remember when I quizzed about what happens every 9 months? A baby was the answer. Witch reminds me my Mom is having a baby next month. This is just a post to keep you updated.

thank you all who comment and follow my blog,




Rachel said...

your mom's having a baby? cool! A girl, or a boy?

Holly said...

What will people think if they don't know what S.S.N.G means? Say they find your blog in their search results.

Holly said...

You already got rid of your Friends blog?

Holly said...

Okay! I just noticed your comment on my Helping Paws blog. Sorry! You have to go to settings, then comments and type a message in the comment form message. That's how you change it. :)