Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today we were waiting for the pool to open. Brooke my little sister looked out my window and said ''There's puppies outside!'' So we looked out the window and sure enough there was two dogs. We hurried outside. There was a male dog and it walked randomly away. Then there was the other dog (female) and it looked like it just had puppies. They were both basset hounds. She came over to us and we petted the dear thing. I asked if I could get the skinny dog some water. My Mom said yes so I went inside, got my cat's water and went outside. My Mom was at our new neighbor's house across the street and so was the dog. So I dumped the water out thinking that it was the neighbor's. A few minutes later I realized it was not the neighbor's dog so I got it some water again. it came over to our driveway and drank most of it. My Mom and the new neighbor talked a few minutes and then we led the dog from the neighbor's garage to our porch in the shade. My Mom went inside to get it more water. The dog tried to get in our house but I held it back. It drank more water. While my Mom was inside a car came by and the dog ran to it. The person said ''Bonnie lee come in here this minute!'' and then said sorry to me and drove away with dog that could have been mine. I even gave it a name....Ann. I was so close to having a family dog, or maybe just mine.

True story.


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Rachel said...

oh, cool! if we get a dog, it will be a beagle. but were not getting a dog until my cat is gone.