Thursday, March 5, 2009

new.trure.webkinz news.

I'm am happy to report (drum roll)..................................if you have a webkinz bird (penguins not included) You'll unlock a new kind of room! It's, it's..........A top of a tree!!!! Most furniture can't be put in this new amazing room, but most outdoor stuff. So if you have a bird, (penguins not included) when webkinz opens up again make sure to log in, buy the room and make your bird happy by making that room it's room!!


jennakat said...

POOH! I only have Penguins as birds(must. get. canary.)

12OldFashionDolls said...

Hey! I'm in High School and am home-schooled too! I've been Homeschooled since I was in 3rd grade!

Anyway, here is the answer to your host question,

My Gwen is traveling, which means other AG owners can volunteer to 'host' her. I belong to and pp can offer to keep her in their state for a couple of weeks. Those pp are called 'hosts'. Hosts usually take pictures of the doll with their dolls and around their home-town.

I have selected 4 hosts. Gwen will be shipped to Virginia, then the Virginia host will ship Gwen to Chicago Ill, then that host will forward Gwen to Oregon. Her last stop will be to SF California!


Sidney87 said...

hey its nicole and i was just wondering if u could leave me a comment on my blog and r\tell me how to get this b ground

♥ Nicole

Sidney87 said...

hey I want to know how to put in the texting thing ok?
Just go here and leave me a cmment under the answers post

♥ Nicole

bootzomega said...

im Homeschooled too