Tuesday, March 3, 2009

creative opinion of yours\ Use the cbox please

I want to make a bathroom for my American girls. But a few problems............ How should I make a toilet? Or a sink?? I need your creative opinion. Also some people have been writing to OTHER people in my comment box, I think your commenting please if you want to talk to people use my cbox. Example: Pearson 1 Hi! pearson 2 are talking to me? pearson1 no. Pearson 2 Do you like barbies? Pearson 1 yes. So please you my cbox, and I need you idea for american girl bathroom.



jennakat said...

Toilet: A jar A bit bigger that a Baby food jar with a lid wrap the bottom in paper and cut a bit for the lid cover.
sink: a small bowl or contaner on top of some boxes or other things.
BYE! Jenna

Rachel said...

sorry, i have no idea!

missbubblegum_z said...

hmmm how about for toilet- a flower vase and put white paper around it.. for sink idk-
a kleenex box? lol, those were stupid ideas. how did i come up with them? im sick and i have a kleenex box right in front of me, and flowers up on my desk =) lol!
have fun making a bathroom! :D