Friday, December 18, 2009

Funny story

I got tagged by Miana. I have to tell a funny story, OK I'll try to think of one

I can't think of one so Samantha is going to tell one.

Once I was walking around in my room when all of a sudden I decided to read a book. I opened it up and read a book about magic tricks. Then I got a great idea. ''Nellie,'' I said '' come read Lila's book it great!'' ''OK!'' she said. I made a fake page, out of sticky paper and printed letters really small so you'd practically have to touch the page to read it. And that's just what she did. The page was super sticky so her face got stuck. I laughed and got some water to pour on the page. ''SAMANTHA! I should have known it was you. ''she laughed and shook her head.


P.S. None of this really happened.

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