Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can, too! Chapter one

1o:00 A.M. New journal. My Name is Melody. I'm 11 years old and not happy being a girl. I don't understand how we were supposed to be born liking pink and why again do we have to PAINT toenails and fingernails?? Also another reason. I do boy sports. Wrestling, Boxing you name it! I also LOVE to golf. I'm going to beat Tiger woods easily when I grow up! OK, so I lied...I am happy being a girl. Happy? Yesterday was a very bad day. OK, so I went up to the school basketball coach and asked if I could join the team. I had my permission slip signed and I had the money in my hand. I offered these to him and introduced myself. ''Hi! My name is Melody Stone and I'd like to join the team. I'm really good I've been on other competitive teams and won. I have a permission slip and the money. Here.''I handed him the slip and money. He looked at the slip, the money, and me and handed them back. ''Sorry kid. This is a boy's team only. There's a girl's craft club though.'' And with that he walked away. I can to play! I thought. He just thinks I'm not good enough. Well phooey on him! There's not even a girl's basketball team! And this why I'm very mad right now.

The end for this chapter.

How did you like it? P.S. It's Nellie's birthday! I'll post pics later on Savannah and Rachel's American girl blog later. BYE!


Rachel said...

i like it!!!

Avery V. said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
That story is really good! :)
Happy Birthday Nellie!

Miana said...

GOOD STORY!!!! do another chapter soon!