Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I can't believe it

I CAN NOT believe it. I was on ebay and I saw a Nikki doll with a brush and two Nicki books. Shipping: 15.00. Price: 99 cents. No bids. WOW! You say, right? Well today it was 100 dollars! 20 bids! Over night! I can not believe it! Can you?


jennakat said...

Whoa! that's crazy!
I will post a pic of her and all her cuteness! ;)

free_to_dream said...

That's why you wait until the very end to bid on ebay auctions...you don't want to drive the price up by bidding early. Sometimes if you wait until the last five minutes, you can get really good deals!

Holly said...

Yes! That is very crazy!