Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Preview

In this picture you see a shirt I made for my first webkinz, Glitter the unicorn. I made her shirt out of a Tinkerbell sock I bought in the dollar section at Target. I made the shirt by cutting the toe out of the sock. I then cut two small holes on the underside of the sock for her "arms"!

In this picture you see my bullfrog webkinz. I made him a wide shirt. This is a little different from the first shirt because you have to use a dad's sock or a loose sock. I cut the toe out and cut the long part of the sock to make it shorter. I also cut holes on the underside for the arms. In this picture you can see my two American Girls, Georgia and Samantha. I made a hat for Coconut the dog. I made it out of a long sock top (the part that goes on your leg). You cut it to about the size of a really thick rubber band. Then you tie the top together with a rubber band. I found a rubber band with flowers to make a little prettier.

1 comment:

Nana said...

As always, you are so creative, Savannah!! I never would think about some of the things you use to create outfits. Great job!!

Love, Nana